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Ahoy! Spring 2017 | Saunton Sands Hotel | Salt Media, North Devon


Saunton Sands Hotel gave us a challenge: to take its Saunton Seasons magazine to the next level. So, with a modern twist on the most traditional of formats, we went full HD widescreen to show off the hotel and its epic location.

It’s hard to ignore the noise and quantity of media vying for our attention these days – our senses are bombarded by brands. So every brand needs standout, and that means changing things up now and then to keep the consumer interested and engaged. Our mission, as challenged by our client, Saunton Sands Hotel, was to take the beautiful but traditional magazine we’ve been publishing for them for four years and create something new and stunning. Together, we wanted to convey the hotel’s quality heritage and brand values, while focusing more on events and giving readers further reasons to visit the epic location. Take a look at the latest edition here

COMMUNICATION | Saunton Sands is a stunning art deco hotel with traditional values of service, but it likes to communicate its modern face to the world, so we needed something contemporary and arresting. With the publishing trend for large, newspaper style publications at the fore, we felt that a modern, high quality twist on one of the most traditional publishing formats would be the perfect answer – and Saunton Ahoy! was born.

FLOOD THE SENSES | The format allows space for compelling full colour images to do the talking, plus room for stories and events to be communicated in a simple and compelling style. The copy and images are later reused in digital communications and social media, providing a high quality content solution too. In a world stacked with throw-away marketing materials and clickbait digital communications, high quality print publications have increasing impact, rising above the noise of mediocrity.