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“Crafting excellence
through quality,
provenance and skill”

We were so thrilled to be asked to breathe new life into the Master Butchers at Darts Farm’s winter brochure. With some amazing produce to showcase, we set about getting some spanking new photographs with the help of foodie photographer Guy Harrop.

Armed with the new pictures we set to work creating a brochure that not only temped with delicious meats but also had recipes, top chef tips, notes about the producers and creative ideas for cooking the perfect Christmas feast. More than doubling the size of the brochure allowed us room to use full page images and create a spectacular catalogue rather than a set of listings, so browsers could see the meats and envisage them on their tables!

Becky, Philip and Alastair David were fantastic to work with and the passion for what they do and the absolute belief in the provenance of their meats is palpable.

See the results of our labours here.